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Fi-Shock | Electric Fence Insulators - T-Post Insulators

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Fi-Shock® Electric Fence Insulators

Our Fi-Shock® fence insulators will help you meet your electric fencing and animal control needs.

Electric fence insulators are a crucial component to ensure your fence is working to its full potential. Electrical wire runs through an insulator attached to the fence post, spacing the post and wire apart. No energy from the wire is lost through contact with the post, which conserves energy for providing a sufficient shock to your horse, cow, or other animals when they touch the fence. Insulators can be made of plastic or porcelain, and can be made to accommodate different types of wire and posts.

Whether it’s a wood post, metal T-post, corner post, or chain link, Fi-Shock® has an insulator that can be attached to it, either by nail, screw, or snapping it into place. The same goes for the type of wire you utilize – steel, aluminum, polytape, polyrope, or high-tensile fencing – there’s an insulator designed for every type of fence.

Call 855-5-FISHOCK today for help in choosing the proper insulators for your fence.


Types of Electric Fence Insulators

Plastic Insulators

These insulators are molded from UV-protected, high-density polyethylene and are made to withstand all kinds of weather. Plastic insulators and standoff insulators are available in styles to install on a variety of post types and wiring. They’re an affordable way to keep post and wire from touching, and your fence in prime working condition.

If you are looking for gate handles to allow access into and out of your electric fence, please browse our Gate Handle offerings under Accessories.


Porcelain Insulators

These insulators are heavy duty and made for superior insulation and strength. Although more costly, due to materials, Fi-Shock® porcelain insulators have the highest insulating properties in the industry. They are often used for wood or end posts, but also come in a variety of styles to fit different types of wire.


Your One-Stop Shop for Electric Fence Insulators

Our insulators come in yellow, black, or white and can be bought in bulk up to 25 per package. Take a look at our diverse line of electric fence insulators and browse our helpful tips and product information on installation, how to choose the right insulator, and other frequently asked questions.

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