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Chargers, Havahart® DC Powered, 1 Mile Pet and Small Animal Charger, SS-2DX
Havahart® DC Powered, 1 Mile Pet and Small Animal Charger Havahart® DC Powered, 1 Mile Pet and Small Animal Charger Havahart® DC Powered, 1 Mile Pet and Small Animal Charger Havahart® DC Powered, 1 Mile Pet and Small Animal Charger

Havahart® DC Powered, 1 Mile Pet and Small Animal Charger

model #: SS-2DX
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Keeping your pets in your yard and unwanted critters out. Powered by 2 D-cell batteries, this easy-to-install charger will help with your animal containment problems. read full product details »  

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Havahart® DC Powered, 1 Mile Pet and Small Animal Charger


electric fence charger

Battery operated, this electric fence charger is the energy source for Havahart® electric fence kits.


The Havahart® DC Powered, 1 Mile Pet and Small Animal Charger for pets and small animals is the ideal energy source for your fence. Used with Havahart® Electric Fence Kits, this charger presents the ideal solution to keeping pets in your yard and keeping unwanted critters out. It helps prevent damage from animal mischief.

Powered by two D-cell batteries (not included), this electric fence charger comes with a mounting stake for easy installation. It has intermittent DC output and works up to one mile under ideal conditions. This charger has a one year limited warranty.


Output voltage:  7.5KV +/- 20% open circuit voltage


Where to Locate Charger Benefits: Flexibility Benefits: Safety


Havahart® is your source for above-ground electric fence kits. Havahart® electric fence kits provide economical, easy and effective solutions to keep pets and other small animals and predators out of landscape features, gardens and animal corrals.

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All About Electric Fence Chargers


Help & Advice – Electric Fence Chargers

Depending on where you live in this country, the electric fence charger may have a different name. Some areas call chargers electric fence energizers while other areas may call them fencers. Whatever the name, the purpose is to alter the incoming electrical charge into a safer form of electricity. Learn about the different types of electric fence energizers available.


Check out our Electric Fence Advice Page to find out more about your favorite chargers!



Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review 

Product functions as advertised. Truly an inexpensive way to protect property and pets. The zap from 2D batteries will surprise!

  Amazon Review, Glad I Bought It 

This "shocker" works great. Used a set of two "D" batteries about every eight weeks. Definitely kept the rabbits out of my garden. As a secondary form of knowing when to change the batteries (the product is audible and flashes as well) I could tell when the batteries died, as the rabbits would show up in the garden, proof it was doing the job.

  Amazon Review, Did the trick 

I used this wire to keep our Border Collie from chewing through the wooden fence. It only took one time and now he does not go within 2 feet of the wire. I have since put up wire (without the unit) on the other side of the fence and still, he will not go near it.

  Amazon Review, No more litter box 

This is working in two ways for me. The cats are no longer using the mulch in my flower garden as a litter box, and my neighbor is keeping a close eye on her little dog so he doesn't do his business in my yard. She wants to avoid petrocution, as I am now calling it. She's avoiding me too! Well, now who's the crabby one? HA! Had I known this would work so well for me I would have done it long ago.

  Amazon Review 

I had a problem with racoons emptying my deer feeders (350 lbs in 1 week per feeder) even with a cage around the feeder motor so I bought 2 of these fence chargers and installed them on my feeders they worked great no more Racoons on my feeders. This charger put out 7000 volts!!!!!!!

  Not happy 

I purchased this poduct and expected to get several years use from it, however after one year it stopped working and I was sent another at no cost to me. The replacment energizer worked fine for 2 months of use then after replacing the batteries it stopped working. I am not happy at all.

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


JULY 18, 2013

Dear David,

Thank you for your online review of the Havahart® DC Powered, 1 Mile Pet and Small Animal Charger (model SS-2DX). We apologize that you have seen decreased results from multiple chargers. At Fi-Shock® we pride ourselves on producing items of the highest quality and we are sorry that your experience has not lived up to this expectation.

Often when we hear of multiple chargers having the same problem, it points to an issue with the fence such as the fence not being dead ended or use of copper lead out wire. Both of these set-ups can affect the performance of the charger over time. With a few minutes of troubleshooting we can help identify any potential issues and ensure that the fence is working to its full potential.

We would like to learn more about your experience and specific set-up and offer additional support. Please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-FISHOCK (1-855-534-7462).

Best regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


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