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Fence Chargers For Deer And Exotic Animals | Fi-Shock

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Deer/Exotic Animals

Electric Fence Chargers - Better for Deer & Exotic Animals

Electric fencing is an ideal method used to contain nearly all types of animals, including exotics such as llamas, emus and ostrich, and deer and elk. Like other animals, exotic animals quickly learn to avoid the shock of an electric fence.

For exotic animals,  we recommend a low impedance fence controller that maintains high energy levels on the fence. Electrified high tensile is recommended to keep exotic animals contained or repelled. Wire spacing should be close enough to prevent the animal from stepping through or putting its head between the wires. One electrified wire should be at the animals’ nose level.


Deer and elk are not easily domesticated, because they are accustomed to roaming and are strong jumpers.  The first step in successfully keeping deer out is to put up a sturdy and highly visible fence.   A 6 foot or taller high tensile fence is recommended to repel deer and elk.  To contain deer and exotic animals a minimum joule output of 1 is suggested.


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Chargers, Fi-Shock® AC-Powered 100 Mile Charger, EAC100M-FS
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