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FiShock® - World Leader in Electric Fence Supplies

Fi-Shock® electric fences are a safe and effective solution to your animal containment and control needs, and an economical alternative to conventional or barbed wire fencing. Recognized as a world leader in electric fencing, Fi-Shock® provides cost effective, superior quality electric fence supplies and kits. This includes electric fence chargers (controllers / energizers), electric fence wire, insulators, and components.

Why Choose Electric Fencing?

An electric fence is a safe, cost-effective way to keep animals in and out of specific areas. The low voltage electrical pulse that animals feel is short and sharp; just enough to control the animal by creating a psychological barrier that trains them to stay away from the fence. The overall cost of electric fencing is also significantly lower than other types of fencing like wood or vinyl.

The type of fence you need depends on the type of animal you wish to contain or repel. Fi-Shock® can provide electric fencing that will keep in, or keep out, any of the following:

  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Chickens
  • Pets
  • Deer
  • Predators
  • Nuisance Animals

Browse our products to build the best electric fence system for your needs. We provide a variety of options when it comes to choosing your fencer/charger, wire, posts, and insulators.


Electric Fence Chargers

Choose from AC, DC (battery), or solar-powered electric fence controllers. Our digital guides and resources can help you determine which charger is the right one for your needs based on the power you need and the length of the fence.


Electric Fence Wire

We offer a variety of affordable options for electric fence wire, including steel and aluminum wire, poly wire, poly rope, and poly tape. We also offer high-tensile electric fencing wire.


Electric Fence Insulators

Choosing the right insulators will ensure your fence is running at optimal performance by preventing your wires from touching the posts. We provide plastic and porcelain insulators for a variety of post styles, including T-posts, wood, round, chain link, and corner posts.


How to Install Your Electric Fence Kits

Installation of an electric fence kit can be easy and fairly quick, as long as all instructions are followed. Fi-Shock® also provides kits and accessories for installing a gate in your fence, which gives you the access you need to your pasture, planting area, or small gardens.

Don’t forget to use a tester to ensure your electric fence is working properly! You can browse our selection of testers here.


Using an Electric Fence for Temporary Fencing

Fi-Shock®’s temporary fence options are the perfect fit for anyone taking advantage of rotational grazing, or needing to temporarily keep a pet or pests out of their garden or growing area.

Visit our help and advice pages for ideas and guidelines to make your fence design and planning easier.

Once you’re ready, take a look at our diverse line of products, and start shopping Fi-Shock® today for all your electric fencing needs!



Register Your FiShock® Charger

When you register your Fi-Shock® Fence Charger you will receive the added benefits of activating your warranty, protecting your product, and receiving our product updates, upgrades and new product news. We will keep your serial # and date of purchase on file to help you refer to this information and ensure you are covered.

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How FiShock® Electric Fences Work

It takes a charger (electric fence controller), electric fence wire, and the ground to complete a circuit to produce a shock when the wire is touched. Learn how an electric fencing system works so you can build the best electric fence for your animal control needs.

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Chargers, Fi-Shock® Solar-Powered, 10 Mile Charger with 50 Black Step-In Posts, BESP10MBA48B-FS
FREE - 50 black fence posts
$349  $229.99 Sale
(not rated)
Wire, Fi-Shock® 656 ft, 1 Inch, Polytape, PT656W1-FS
656 ft
(not rated)

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