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Fi-Shock | Electric Fence Wire, Poly Rope & Tape, Aluminum & More

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Fi-Shock® Electric Fence Wire

Our Fi-Shock® electric fence wire will help you meet your electric fencing and animal control needs.

Electric fence wire conducts the electric charge from the fence energizer around the length of the fence. Although half the circuit is underground through effective grounding techniques, choosing the right electric fence wiring is crucial. The type of wire you need really depends on the purpose of the fence and the animals being contained.

An electric fence is effective for both containing and repelling a variety of animals and livestock, including:

  • Chickens
  • Cattle
  • Goats
  • Horses
  • Pigs
  • Sheep
  • Deer
  • Rabbits


Choosing the Right Electric Fence Wire

For temporary fencing or rotational grazing, we recommend products made of poly wire, poly rope, or poly tape. Aluminum, steel, or high tensile wire works best for permanent perimeter fencing. Call us at 855-5-FISHOCK or visit our Help & Advice section to find more info about electric fence wire.


Fi-Shock®’s Polytape

Great for containing horses and rotational grazing, this rust-free wiring is very visible, making it easier for animals to avoid. Multiple steel conductors are woven into the tape, improving conductivity. Polytape is also easy to install, relocate, and repair, plus ultraviolet stabilizers prevent the plastic from breaking or stretching.


Fi-Shock®’s Polyrope and Polywire

Similar to polytape - polyrope and polywire’s visibility is great for fencing in horses, along with other animals like pets and livestock. The thicker the gauge, the greater the visibility and number of conductors woven into the rope wiring. This wiring, along with polytape, is easy to roll onto a reel and relocate.


Steel Wire

As the most common wire used in electric fences, steel or galvanized steel wire is cost effective, long lasting, and a strong conductor of electricity. When shopping for steel wire, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire (14 - 17 gauge is standard). This is ideal for use in permanent fencing.


Aluminum Wire

This choice for permanent wiring may cost more than steel, but it also conducts electricity about four times better. With a reputation for durability, the benefits of aluminum electric fence wire are well worth the price.


Other Options for Electric Fencing Wire

High tensile is another great option for electric fence wiring, especially for containing livestock. Usually strained at about 250 lbs. of tension, even the strongest bull can’t charge through this kind of fence. Insulated wiring is an available option as well.

Before trying to guess at how much wiring you’ll need and buying a larger bulk than necessary, check out our product descriptions for recommended length and a helpful diagram for wire spacing.

Shop Fi-Shock® for electric fence wire today and check back often to take advantage of special offers or sale items. You can also browse our electric fence chargers, insulators, connectors, and other supplies.

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1000 ft, 12½ gauge
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½ mile, 17-gauge
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1320 foot
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250 ft., 17 gauge
¼ mile, 17-gauge
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350 ft, 17 gauge
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200 ft, 14 gauge
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11 Spools = 11,000 ft.
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2 Spools = 2,000 ft.
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100 ft., 17 gauge
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¼ mile. 17 gauge
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¼ mile, 14 gauge
(not rated)
656 feet
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1320 feet
(not rated)
¼ mile, 15 gauge
(not rated)
27 Spools = 27,000 ft.
$3,175  $2,160.00 Sale
(not rated)
5 Spools = 5,000 ft.
$588  $500.00 Sale
(not rated)
½ mile, 17 gauge
(not rated)
½ mile, 14-gauge
(not rated)
656 feet
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250 ft., 17 gauge
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656 feet
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656 feet
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