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Accessories, Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit, BSS-750RPX
Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit

Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit

model #: BSS-750RPX
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Keeping pets in and unwanted critters out with this electric fence kit. Bad pet habits are deterred with the mild electric shock from this electric fence for dogs and small animals. read full product details »  

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Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit

The Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit is a safe and effective way to keep pests out of your lawn and garden, and can help break your dog of its bad habits. Use it with any adult dog weighing 15 lb or more, or against raccoons, skunks and other nuisance animals. When properly installed, the Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit provides a psychological barrier that deters animals from crossing but doesn’t harm them. 

With a one year warranty, the Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit is durable enough for use in nearly any environment.


Product Details

  • Contains everything you need to set up a fully functioning electric fence in your home or on a small farm
  • Creates a psychological barrier to effectively control adult dogs and nuisance animals
  • Fences off an area up to 25 ft x 25 ft — range can be expanded up to a mile with additional wiring (sold separately)
  • Kit includes: 100 feet of aluminum wire, a one mile, AC powered energizer and all the posts, pins and other hardware required for installation
  • Is powered by a standard electrical (110 V AC) outlet
  • One year limited warranty



*Note kit only includes 100 ft of wire, additional wire may be purchased.


Installation Information

Before purchasing any electric fence product, check your local bylaws to confirm it can be installed on your property. To set up your Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit, begin by installing the charger in a dry protected place close to an electrical outlet. Ensure the fencing is clear of any weeds or other overgrowth, as they will drain power from the line. Though the included charger can energize up to a mile of fencing, only 200 feet of wire is included. To expand your garden's electric fence, additional wiring can be purchased in our online store.

Electric Fencing and Pets

An above ground electric fence for pets is a smart choice for many homes. The fencing creates a psychological deterrent — as opposed to physical barriers such as barbed wire, there is less likelihood your pet will be injured.

Grounding the Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit

Like all electrical fences, the Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit must be grounded using the included wiring, rod and clamp. Simply drive the grounding rod into the soil near the energizer (no more than 20 feet away), attach the clamp and run a length of wire from the clamp to the green fuse on the energizer. This completes the fence’s electrical circuit and enables it to produce a shock when an animal comes into contact with it.


Havahart® is your source for above-ground electric fence kits. Havahart® electric fence kits provide economical, easy and effective solutions to keep pets and other small animals and predators out of landscape features, gardens and animal corrals.

Customer Reviews

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  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

My dogs are not even interested in my garden any more. I didn't even need to have it on after the first week.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I bought this package when I extended my fence. I cannot comment on the posts that are included within the kit because I was using wooden fence posts with plastic extenders to hold the wire. I use the hot wire to contain my four dogs and it works perfectly. I previously had a higher model number from the same company, but the power was too much for the dogs...it was designed for livestock. This kit provides the right amount of power to contain my dogs that range from 30-100 pounds. Even when they touched it (when it was first installed), they did not scream like they did with my first power unit. This kit provides the enough juice to get the point across to the dogs without the guilt of hurting them.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

The Havahart fence was easy to install around the flower area that needed protection. The cat that used the area as a litter box learned on the very first night and has stayed away from there since then. I am going to put another unit around our garden. An absolutely fantastic product!


I'd like order this kit and some additional posts and wire to encircle my entire back yard (my dogs are diggers). Anyone know if this is possible?


Fishock Consumer Relations Team


JUNE 16 2012

Thank you for taking the time to submit your online review of the Havahart® Above Ground Electric Fence Kit (model SS-750RPX).  This kit can be expanded to include a larger fence.  An additional accessory kit can be found on our website.

However, please keep in mind that the longer the fence, the lower the voltage will be.  We would like the opportunity to speak with you to determine the best options for what you are looking to accomplish.

Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) to discuss your fence setup.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you further.

Best regards,


Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation



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