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All About High Tensile Fencing


High tensile fencing is the most significant improvement in farm fencing since the introduction of barbed wire in 1874. Although relatively new to the United States, high tensile fencing has been used to control cattle and sheep on ranches in other countries for over 50 years. 

An electrified high tensile fence is an excellent choice for a permanent perimeter fence. It is an affordable, easy to maintain, and long lasting permanent fencing option. Learn more about the benefits, how it works, and installation tips from our experts. 


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Benefits of High Tensile Fencing



The main advantage of a high-tensile wire fence is that it contains livestock and is an excellent deterrent to predators when electrified. However, there are major benefits of using high tensile fencing over other agricultural fencing options.

• More Secure:
The wire, when strung and strained to the recommended 250 lbs. of tension, withstands up to 1650 lbs. of livestock pressure per strand and low temperature contraction without losing its elasticity. Our high tensile fence wire is manufactured to the highest standards.

• Looks Good:
High-tensile fencing is aesthetically pleasing, stronger than conventional fencing, and will contain any breed of livestock. It is not difficult to build, it's virtually maintenance free, and it costs less on a per-foot basis than other types of agricultural fencing.

• Lasts Longer:
High-tensile wire fencing has been used extensively for over fifty years without rusting. Electric fence insulators should be manufactured to resist extreme ultraviolet exposure. Plan on your high-tensile installation to last a lifetime. Our high tensile components are manufactured to the highest standards.

• Low Cost:
Due to the need for fewer line posts than are required for barbed and woven wire, the cost per foot is substantially less for a high tensile fence system than for a conventional electric fence system. The cost of material for a six-strand high-tensile fence is slightly less than that of a four-wire barbed wire fence. A high tensile fence costs 30% less than a standard woven wire fence. Our high tensile fencing stretches your fencing dollar.


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Fi-Shock® high tensile electric fence systems -- the greatest fencing
 technology since barbed wire.  Lower cost, longer lasting and easy to install.  High tensile fencing from Fi-Shock®: strong, low-cost
high tensile fencing wire.


Stop using barbed wire. Order high tensile fence wire today.


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Wire, Fi-Shock® 1,000 ft, 12 ½ Gauge, Aluminized Steel Wire, BFG-01000
1000 ft, 12½ gauge
(not rated)
High Tensile, Fi-Shock® Heavy Duty In-Line Strainer with Compression Clip, 400-399
strainer w/ comp clip
(not rated)
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