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All About Gate Handles

Gate openings are used in your electric fence system where people and animals will enter and exit an area, such as accessing a pasture or barn. We recommend, one gate handle for each electrified wire in an electric fence system. Gate handles can be constructed from plastic or rubber. There are two main types of gate handles that can be used with electric fence systems: Insulated Gate Handles and Expandable Gate Handles.


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All About
Insulated Gate Handles   |   Expandable Gate Handles


Insulated Gate Handles


Gate handles are used to connect hot wire, but can be held without receiving a shock to open a gate. There are several types of gate handles and they vary in material, quality and cost. The chart below illustrates key differences in our Fi-Shock® gate handles and accessories.


Gate Handles Chart


Fi-Shock® has three insulated gate handles ranging in quality and cost. All function the same way, however the better quality will last longer in bad weather and misuse.


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Expandable Gate Handles


Expandable Gate Handle

Expandable gates are made up of a long spring and an insulated gate handle. The electric fence gate handle is disconnected from the post and then the gate is opened by pulling the spring gate back with the gate handle. Spring gates expand and keep the electric fence gate taut. It is electrified when closed and neutral when open.

  • Expandable gate handles should be used with spring gates.

  • Gate handles should be molded from tough, high quality plastic with shockproof thickness for safe handling protection.

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Other Gate Options


A standard gate can be used without interfering with the electric fence by running an insulated cable underneath the ground to bring the current to the other side of the gate. To prevent animals from rubbing or pushing through a standard gate, an electrified wire can be mounted on the gate itself. The use of a sturdy rubber gate handle is ideal for this purpose.







Using Fi-Shock® electric fence gate handles allow for easy and safe passage through one or multiple stands of electric fence. Keep your electric fence gates properly equipped.  Order new gate handles from Fi-Shock® today for your electric fence spring gate.


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Accessories, Fi-Shock®  Plastic Gate Handle, GHPO-FS
1 gate handle
Accessories, Fi-Shock® Expandable Electric Fence Gate, GHKS16-FS
1 set
(not rated)
Accessories, Fi-Shock® Gate Handle Anchor, AWPA-FS
2 per bag
(not rated)
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